Mommy Makeover Surgeries ruining the very essence of Motherhood?


Whether it is the growing elderly babyboomers or the any time escalating obesity in America , cosmetic surgery procedures and specifically mommy makeover surgeries are starting to be well known by the day. Rhinoplasty (nose reshaping), liposuction or  tummy tuck customers are clamouring for a modern and sexy glimpse in this day and age.

There are lots of explanations for a likely increase in plastic surgical procedure recognition.

With advancement in science and technological innovation, at least in America, cosmetic surgery procedures has grow to be more common and low risk. A lot of women of all ages are having rid of their cellulite and further excess fat by liposuction, tummy tuck and butt lifts.

The cost to have such surgeries have come down sharply , thanks to changes in insurance and also due to the increase in number of individuals opting for such invasive surgeries.

Procedures like tummy tuck and liposuction have grown to be domestic names as celebs like Britney Spears and Paris Hilton have been rumored to have viewed as this technique. Bruce Jenner, the step dad of Kim Kardarshian who recently had a sex change and changed his gender to a woman, and now calls himself (oops herself) Caitlyn Jenner is not helping out here either!

Michigan home appliance repair jobs technician who I know recently had a gender change. The funny thing is , since the law said he (well she) needed a neutral restroom, the company had to spend $10,000 a build an extra restroom for her!

Gastric Bypass Surgical procedure is getting to be commonplace and it aftermath is sagging pores and skin. Liposuction is a excellent way of stretching it like new again.

Compared to ten years ago, there are a five times the number of women opting for mommy make over surgeries  – which can be a series of plastic surgeries to tighten the skin in the abdomen area. And the trend is, once they opt for that, they also proceed to have other surgeries like butt lift and rhinoplasty etc. to “enhance” their youth. Forums like Motherhood America and other organizations argue that young women are more obsessed with their bodies these days than taking care of their new baby.

Inflation is not helping here either, since with the rising cost of living, a new mom has to go back to the work-force sometimes within 3-4 weeks, and hence the baby is dropped off in a day care center. And in her hurry to get back to her work place, the young mom has to make sure (or rather “wants” to make sure) her body is in the “Same youthful” shape as before.

All this is giving rise to shady procedures and quacks who are duping young women , especially from the lower income bracket who cant afford such procedures. A survey done by which is a detroit michigan web design seo company specializing in web design and marketing for plastic surgeons, revealed that over 70% of the women in this age considered undergoing some sort of cosmetic surgery atleast once within the last one year!

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Cosmetic Surgery in Dental Industry

Role of Cosmetic Surgery in Dental Field

cosmetic dentistry


With the rise of cosmetic procedures in recent times, cosmetic dental surgeries and procedures are also seeing an increase. Thanks to the media and Ms.America and movie stars who spend millions of dollars in flaunting and promoting the importance of pearly whites, cosmetic dental surgery is rising in popularity , especially among teens.

In every major metropolitan city, the number of specialized dental centers and specialized plastic surgery centers which advertise cosmetic procedures have grown exponentially.

New York, Chicago, Detroit and Los Angeles have the highest number of cosmetic clinics. It is estimated that each of these cities have around a thousand centers. The reason for this high number is due to the size of the city, but also due to government subsidies which promote these procedures.

In Detroit, where the population has actually seen an increase in the last five years after the recession, the number of cosmetic dental clinics have increased exponentially. Universities like University of Michigan and Wayne State University have funded millions of dollars in expanding their medical facilities. Hospitals like Beaumont Hospital and Henry Ford Medical Hospital have come into the top 10 Medical Hospitals in the US , thanks to meticulous planning in their administration and leadership.

Ann Arbor pediatric dentistry clinics have popped up like rabbits in a carrot field. Ann Arbor which is one of the largest cities in Michigan and Shaumburg, which is one of the largest cities in Chicago have the most number of cosmetic dental clinics. In a survey done in these two cities, individuals who opted for a cosmetic procedure like breast augmentation or tummy tuck also opted for a cosmetic dental procedure like invasalign.

Detroit dentists have expanded their dental clinics to accommodate cosmetic specialized surgeons because it is a lucrative field! It is estimated that plastic and cosmetic surgeries and procedures contributed heavily to the cities recent growth in economy.

This is a great website to learn more about cosmetic dentistry and its benefits.

The rise and rise of Facial Surgery

The rise of Facial and Cosmetic Surgery


Plastic surgery is on the rise compared to recent years. In the past, in 2012, more than 14 million plastic surgery procedures were done. Some of those surgeries were minimally invasive while some were surgical. Compared to recent years however, the rise in percentage was up by 5%. The rise in facial surgery is no doubt one of the fastest growing surgeries and has caused this percentage to rise dramatically.

One of the highest and most used forms of facial surgery that is used by Americans and non-Americans is the use of the facelift. There are more than 125,000 of these procedures done each year. Among those surgeries is the eyelid surgery that requires the surgeon to raise the eyebrow and pull it back to open the eye up and make it more prominent. More than 204,000 of these surgeries are done each year.

Along with facial surgeries being performed, more Americans are opting to have minimally invasive facial surgeries like the soft tissue fillers. More than 1.9 million Americans have this procedure done yearly which accounts for more than five percent of the procedures done for the face. Cosmetic surgeries and gyms and workout programs have exploded in the scene in recent times. Cosmetic surgeons and personal trainers have become very commonplace. It is common to see an individual , usually a teenager or someone in their 20s or 30s get a personal trainer Detroit and also go under the knife for cosmetic surgery at the same time.  Here is a video of a personal trainer Detroit I know who provides excellent services.

Here is the detroit personal trainer facebook page for more information.

One procedure that people are enjoying having done these days is the microdermabrasion procedure. This procedure will work to clear away the top layer of dead skin from your face while it stimulates the collagen beneath it to make your skin beautiful and resilient once more. When done, your skin will feel smoother and younger. When the microdermabrasion is complete, the use of creams and moisturizers will work better and therefore will be more effective. This type of facial surgery is typically painless and a low risk procedure that should be part of every woman’s beauty routine when aging.

Facial surgery is on the rise as more Americans turn on their televisions to see flawless, radiant skin by celebrities who make it look easy to have radiant skin. It can be easy if you take the right steps to have beautiful skin and using facial surgery to get there is perfectly fine.

With facial surgery, there are plenty of places available to access all the information you need to know before having your facial surgery performed. The internet has made it more accessible to get everything you need in one spot. This way, when you meet with your plastic and cosmetic surgeon for the first time, you will know all the right questions to ask about what to expect from the procedure, how long it will take to recover and how long you can expect the pain to last. You can find all the information in this website

A lot of advancements have been made to the plastic surgery world and therefore it has become easier to have the procedure done and return to normal life within just a day or two. There are some procedures that will require a longer recovery period such as the facelift but standard procedures that are done inside of the doctor’s office for cosmetic surgery, you can expect to be back to yourself shortly after.